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Benefit from government export assistance programs

Identify the best programs for your industry and type of product

Set up and fund a successful exhibition strategy

Export Assistance Program.png

Export Assistance Programs

Did you know there are multiple programs for SMEs for promotion and export assistance to bring your products overseas? These programs are sponsored by the Federal Government, the State Governments, and even some at the municipal level. We can guide you and coach you on how to identify the best programs for your industry and type of product.  We also walk with you through the process of applying for the grants, planning and designing the best exhibition strategy, and then monitoring results. We are well versed working with SBA programs, STEP programs, State Commerce Department programs, US Commercial Services, EXIM programs, etc. 

Applying for and getting the program is only half of the job, the second and perhaps more important part of the job is really designing and implementing a successful exhibition strategy.  We accompany you through the entire process.

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