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Learn about export regulations that apply to your product and industry

Identify specific export tax implications to your industry

Build, expand, or enhance a compliance program suited to your organization

Export and Import Regulations and Compli

Export & Import Regulations and Compliance

When joining the great exporting and importing line of activities, there are several U.S. and international trade laws and regulations to observe. These laws and regulations cover trade embargoes and economic sanctions, anti-boycott, cargo security, import classification and valuation, product/country of origin markings, and qualification under free trade agreements.

The ever-changing nature of these laws and regulations often makes them difficult for organizations to understand and apply. Without proper guidance, organizations can experience common pitfalls which may result in substantial penalties, fines, delayed cargo, or even product seizures.

We work with you to build, expand, or enhance a compliance program suited to your organization, a program relevant to the needs of your organization and that will allow you to better understand how and which trade compliance policies, standards and procedures apply to you, and who within your organization should be responsible for managing them. We can also help you to identify tax incentives for exporters you may qualify for. 

Creating or calibrating a compliance program at the beginning of joining your export journey will be significantly easier to implement, less disruptive, and more cost effective.

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