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Awareness of local ecosystems and practices 

Optimize launching cycles, expediting product adoption

Build a focus and effective international product and customer support strategy

International Product Management and Lau

International Product and Program Management

Being successful in bringing your products and services to International Markets requires good understanding and awareness of local practices, customers, and local ecosystems. Are you planning to enter a new market, want to expedite the process, and want to maximize your chances for success?

We would work with you step by step to define and set the right pieces needed to increase your chances for success and shorten the adoption cycle, from a launching strategy, to design and implementation of customer and technical support models specific to your market needs.

It is common for SME companies to underestimate the idiosyncrasies and the local existing ecosystems when entering new markets, and assume that what works domestically should work equally in international markets. Recognizing and assessing these differences from inception can save time, money, and position better your products for a quick adoption.

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