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Full Soft Landing and Logistics Services (Nearshoring, Reshoring and Hybrids)

Full Soft Landing services in Mexico, Central America and South America

Identification of business opportunities and potential customers / partners

Negotiation of incentives with local, federal (national) governments

Full Soft Landing and Logistic Services.

Take advantages of the new trends, tools and opportunities for SMEs available to you within the new USMCA. Nearshoring and reshoring have gained special traction and importance with the new tendencies of decentralization from Asia, do not miss to be part of the new trends becoming normal.

We work with you to identify and evaluate the most effective applicable options for your organization, and work with you through the entire implementation process.

Evaluation of the current export promotion and foreign investment programs (IMMEX – Maquiladora, Shelter, Joint-Venture, among others).

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